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Chiropractic Tucson AZ What to Expect

When you arrive for your first visit to Synergy Chiropractic in Tucson, we will ask you to provide us with important information that we need in order to serve you. Please allow plenty of time to fill out these forms or have them filled out when you get here. We can send them to you. We will familiarize you with our comfortable healing space and then you will meet doctor Cindy and you will both sit down for a consultation about your history and current situation. Then she will do an examination on your spine. She will use a non-invasive surface EMG machine to evaluate the muscular subsystem of the spine, take posture and range of motion pictures for analysis, a detailed sitting and face-down examination of your spine.

The adjustment

On your first visit, you will receive your first Network Adjustment with Dr. Cindy, also known as a "Low Force Chiropractic Adjustment", or an "Entrainment".

Your patterns of tension and nerve interference have most likely been present for some time before this visit. As a result, your body and mind have likely become accustomed to structural, perceptual, and behavioral patterns produced by a nervous system that was not working at its best.

The good news is: Change and Reorganization toward more ease begins with your first visit, and will likely continue for hours or days after your first adjustment.

On the table, or even after you leave your first appointment, you may notice that your breath has deepened, you have become deeply relaxed, your posture has changed, or there is increased ease within your body or being. These are the most common responses, but everyone is unique and you might, instead (or also), have a unique response. Perhaps you will not be quite sure what you feel, or if you feel anything at all. It is uncommon, but sometimes there is some discomfort as the tension releases, moves, and your body starts holding itself differently.

Even if you DO have some discomfort, the unwinding and releasing of tension will likely continue. The only reason it might be more than uncomfortable or the unwinding not continue between your first and your next appointment is if your nervous system goes into fight/flight/freeze mode from some kind of stress (can be physical, chemical, or emotional/mental) that happened after your adjustment. Please Note: Dehydration can be a stress, so please be sure to drink extra water for a few days after your first adjustment/entrainment. If you do get stressed, but can calm your nervous system down again, you will likely feel the return of ease. Please call us if you have concerning symptoms after your visit.

You may have an ailment, pain, or other symptom you want to resolve, and you are probably wondering how the adjustment on your first visit will affect the symptom concerning you. Most likely, your issue is related to a tension pattern that has been there from a stress or stresses (physical, chemical, or emotional/mental) that started long ago. Perhaps it has been aggravated by a new stress. This gentle kind of care is NOT designed to directly treat and make symptoms disappear, however the healing that your body does with this care, does often relieve symptoms either right away or over the long term.

With Network Spinal Care, your nervous system determines what and when it is ready to let go as it unravels your compensations and it reorganizes toward ease, integrity, and a healthier equilibrium. It might be pain that releases first, but it might be muscle tension, toxins, or even emotions.

Sometimes your innate intelligence will need to make you aware of something before healing can happen. Pain is a messenger that something needs your attention. When the pain is not needed anymore, the pain will usually dissipate greatly because it has no more purpose, even if there are still significant clinical issues in your spine.

The adjustment/entrainment will help your spine and nervous system begin to recover from compensatory holding patterns, maladapted functioning, and to release bound up energy that has been stored in the nerves, joints, and/or muscles. You may feel the areas of tension and ease change locations. All of this is due to having more ease in your spine.

Energy (in the form of tension in the body) moves from nerves to joints to muscles, and then into the limbic or emotional system. Do not be worried about feeling more, especially if it is on the move. The ease also allows more awareness. Awareness and feeling more in general, is a vital part of the natural healing process. However, please do call the office if what you feel is worrisome or overwhelming so we can help you get back into ease.

What you can do after the adjustment/entrainment:

1) Please drink extra water for the next few days. Toxins will release even if you can't tell, and water will help flush them out. However, even if you do drink extra water, you might still feel signs of your body releasing toxins. This is most commonly felt as fatigue, headache, upset digestion, or even as a skin breakout of some kind.

2) Please honor what your body tells or asks you. Examples of this are: if you are feeling tired, give your body more rest in some way (go to bed early, sleep in, take a nap, etc.); if you are not feeling hungry, eat less or skip a meal if that is a healthy thing for you to do; if you are feeling anti-social, stay home if this is healthy for you.

3) Please avoid receiving any bodywork or doing any unusual physical activity between the first visit and when I see you next. If possible, live your life as typical for you as possible so that when I see you next, I have a clearer picture of what the adjustment/entrainment did for your system. With a little less of your usual compensations due to the adjustment/entrainment from your first visit, your nervous system might actually be a little more wary of new stresses. Please don't be afraid, but please be a bit cautious.

4) If you have them but did not bring any images or reports of spinal imaging to you first appointment, please bring them to your second. If you do not have them, please tell us where they are located and sign a release so we can try to obtain them.

What happens after the first visit?

On your second visit, I will give you a full Report of Findings of what I found out about your spine and nervous system, and what my recommendations are to make the most of this opportunity for you. I will give you as many choices as I can. I will do my best to give you my professional expertise and be an advocate for your best interests. I believe it is my job to give you as much information as possible about both the tension patterns that I find in your spine, how they are affecting you, how I believe I can help you, and any extra information I have gleaned from your evaluation. With this information, you can make an informed decision that will serve your healing goals.

What will the recommendations be?

I will recommend a care plan for gentle specific adjustments that I believe will produce success with my clinical goals, as well as support success for your healing goals. Following the care plan frequency to the best of your ability is very important for both of our success in this partnership, because the effects of any type of chiropractic care are always additive and cumulative, just like practicing an instrument. I believe from experience that I can help anyone be successful in care if they get adjusted/entrained frequently and long enough, however I will address your practical concerns as well. I will also make recommendations, if pertinent, of what you can do to empower your healing progress either on your own at home, or with other practitioners, such as with our Somato-Respiratory-Integration coach, nutritional counselor, or massage therapist.

The Results… of this method of assisting an already inborn desire to self-regulate toward a state of ease (the most efficient state for healing and growth), helping it reorganize and retrain tension patterns, often results in spontaneous correction of vertebral subluxations, and always results in more effective function- in expected and unexpected ways. This includes less need for the danger signs of pain and quality of life robbing symptoms, but also shows up in more subtle and sometimes very unique ways.


  • Signs of healing early on
  • Deep healing to take time
  • ↓ Experiences of Stress
  •  ↓ Tension in body and life
  •  ↓ episodes of ill health
  •  ↓ trips to the medical doctor
  •  ↓ minor/major ailments
  • ↑ ability to listen to your body's cues
  • ↑ sense of well being
  •  ↑ recovery from stress
  •  ↑ response to other forms of healing
  • ↑ motivation for a healthier life
  • ↑ ability to make healthy choices
  •  ↑ trust in your own knowing
  • ↑ empowerment about your health

Synergy is the interaction of multiple elements in a system to produce an effect different from or greater than the sum of their individual effects. The term synergy comes from the Greek word synergia συνέργια from synergos, συνεργός, meaning "working together".

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