Chiropractor Cynthia Gerszewski D.C.

Chiropractor Tucson, AZ Cynthia GerszewskiDr. Cynthia Gerszewski, or “Dr Cindy” as she is known to her patients, is a Tucson native and graduated from Life University in Marietta Georgia in 1995 (the 100 year anniversary of chiropractic) as a Doctor of Chiropractic. In school she was very active in extra-curricular technique clubs, philosophy clubs, as a volunteer speaker at student nights, and in giving education/orientation classes to the school clinic outpatients.

She started a practice in Albuquerque New Mexico in 1997 and grew that practice for 9 years, where she spoke extensively to groups around town and gave classes at local health food stores. In 2004 she left Albuquerque and took a sabbatical in Costa Rica. When she came back to the states in 2005, she practiced in Phoenix Arizona for one year with Dr. Greg Muchnij. In 2006, Dr. Cindy took over Synergy Chiropractic in Tucson Arizona from Dr. Paula Frey.

The practice was 5 years old at the time. The transition was smooth and maintained virtually its entire patient base, which some say is because not only was technique similar between the two doctors, but so was personality, style and purpose.

Dr. Cindy has been utilizing low and non-force adjusting since 1994 (certified in NSA 1998, TRT, Flowtrition, modified Blye Crainial, and others). This has brought her to a place where she is constantly learning new perspectives on the body, and is focused on finding the most appropriate personalized adjustment to deliver to each patient.

In this practice she relies on personal referrals from other practitioners and satisfied patients to grow her practice, although sometimes a person who is a perfect match seems to find their way to her by other inexplicable means. Many patients of Dr. Cindy’s are health care practitioners and workers who use this care to help them be more available and effective for their own patient or clients. At the office, you will see many of Dr. Cindy’s friends and family members, her employees and their family, as well as the friends and family of patients coming in frequently to get their spines “tuned up”. Often acquaintances bump into each other here who didn’t know the other was a patient of Dr. Cindy. Like minded people seem to find themselves in similar places!

Dr. Gerszewski wants every person under her care to reap the deep benefits of her gentle, body/mind/innate healing, kind of chiropractic care on multiple levels. She enjoys hearing of her patient’s unique experiences of the subtle but profound changes they are feeling. Acknowledging these signs of healing allows people to really understand the value of the process and to progressively benefit more and more. This is also what inspires people to refer their friends who want the same full experience.

Among her unique healing gifts is the ability to quickly help you see your current experience in the greater context of your life journey as well as being able to guide someone step by step, from a feeling of hopelessness to one of empowerment where they feel in charge of their health and life. She always refers to medical or complimentary/alternative practitioners and services when appropriate and when she feels its in the patient’s highest interest.

If you think Dr. Cindy might be able to help you, please or call. She would be happy to discuss how her care might benefit your unique situation.

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