Chiropractic Testimonials

"Dr. Cindy and her knowledge of network chiropractic have been a wonderful guide for me for the past 20 years. I sought help after several injuries and it helped me deal with my chronic pain & minimized my use of prescription drugs. After helping with my initial healing from injuries and subsequent surgeries, I discovered the additional bonus regular chiropractic care offered. It helps me get back on path when my daily activities take their toll. It releases muscle tension and allows me to self correct my poor posture without strain. I have also learned how breath can ease my pain. When I practice this at night, I can feel muscles relax and find myself falling asleep quickly. I've learned a lot about my body through regular chiropractic care. While I can't correct all the problems that injuries have caused, I have learned how to ease the pain & cope with it with minimal medication."

- M.C.

"Just wanted to say how much I LOVE you! I felt better immediately upon leaving the office and am feeling a LOT better now. Whatever you did really calmed everything down in there. I could definitely feel the energy waves sloshing around while you were working on me. Such a funky sensation. Really feels like water just below my skin to me. I’m surprised not everyone can feel that. Ryan says he can when you work on him. But then our family has always been very energetically sensitive so I guess it makes sense. Thanks again!”

- J. C.

“I am just amazed at this process! My chronic pain of 2 years (for which I have tried many many things including invasive medical procedures) started dissipating right away and I can feel incredible releasing of old emotions that were stored in my body. Every visit brings more and more healing.”


“[This] Care has been an amazing addition to my life! It has helped me on every level of my life- physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I believe every single person would benefit from Network.”

- S.W.

“At first I did not take this form of care seriously. Now I am a believer and tell others, especially those who fear the pain of manipulation. Wonderful results! Thanks a Million!”

- T.R.

“My shoulder pain that I came in for went away the first visit… and I had tried other chiropractors!”

- D.N.

“I originally came because of head/neck pain. The pain has gone away almost completely but I have experienced so much more than just relieving pain. I feel emotionally lighter, happier, and an increased sense of well-being and inner peace. I notice more about how my body reacts to what I eat and drink. I also notice how my body feels sitting or lying in certain positions and find it easier to find a more comfortable position.”

- C.P.

“I have been making fast progress since I’ve been seeing Dr. Cindy. I feel more balance in my spine, less soreness in my neck and feel like an old pain is healing more deeply.”

- B.C.

“I started bringing my daughter to see Dr. Cindy when she was 2 years old. She was suffering from febrile seizures, and seemed to be sick all the time. I’m am very pleased to say that she is 6 years old now and doesn’t get sick nearly as much and has not had one seizure since coming to see Dr. Cindy!”

- E.M.

“My massage therapist can’t believe how fast my body recovers from injury now that I’ve been seeing Dr. Cindy. I’ve also noticed that when I’m seeing Dr. Cindy regularly my restless leg syndrome is gone. When I don’t see her it comes back.”

- S.O.

“Network Care has been an amazing addition to my life! It has helped me on every level of my life -physical, emotional, spiritually. I believe every person would benefit from Network.”

- S.W.

“I used to have lower back pain nearly all the time and it just made me feel old, not being able to pick things up. It’s such a relief not to have that anymore. Now if I have trauma or and episode I know I can get through it. Thanks for taking care of me like this Dr. Cindy!”

- E.G.

“NSA is changing me! My medical doctors were surprised that my heart tests were so normal this time. Also I feel more important and in charge, and present [engaged in my body] in my body.”

- D.L.

“When I first came to see Dr. Cindy, I had so much pain all over. From the beginning I noticed pains going away one by one.”

- M.B.

“I noticed a big change in my Aunt after just one visit to see Dr. Cindy. Before, we were walking down a long hall and she was huffing and puffing and moving slowly with a severe forward lean. After one visit, she was walking the same hall upright breathing normally and beating me to the end!”

- M.C.

“I don’t ever want to go back to the way I was before I started seeing Dr. Cindy! I noticed changes within a week of starting care. I have noticed a 30% improvement in my walking stride, sometimes more and sometimes less. I sleep longer periods, up to 4 hour stretches (before 2-3 hours) and wake up 1-2 times a night versus 3-4 times.”


“I have been hunched over and in so much pain for so long that I could see myself aging prematurely and I had been seeing a regular chiropractor. After my first visit with Dr. Cindy my whole body went into ease and I had NO pain! By my fifth visit, I felt like I could fly! I’ve had so much energy that I’ve been running around work without my cane! I’ve even been leaving it places! Everyone can see it in my face -I look ten years younger!”

- S.Y.

“My body is responding well to Network Spinal Analysis Care. I am feeling more aligned with each treatment. I am moving better, with less tension and my pain level is decreasing. This type of treatment is a process of changing old patterns and reconnecting with healthier ones. Overall, I see subtle changes after each treatment. I know that I am constantly gaining strength and mobility and improved balance.”

- A.G.

“I have been seeing Dr. Cindy for over three years now (and two other network doctors before her) during this time I have seen other practitioners and even other chiropractors. I keep coming back to Dr. Cindy. This last time I had been crying every morning, hardly able to face the day because of severe pain. After one adjustment with Dr. Cindy, I woke up feeling normal. I can hardly believe it. Praise the Lord.”

- E.C.

“My dentist referred me to Dr. Cindy because I was having persistent sciatica pain. It went away in one visit! It felt miraculous to me! Now it’s easy to stand up right, and my shoulder doesn’t drop down like a floppy chicken wing! My knee doesn’t hurt and my shoulder range of motion has improved greatly. I went on a long vacation and felt empowered because I could do so many more things than I thought I would be able to.”

- J.M.

“Before I began receiving NSA care I was procrastinating about what I needed to do in life, I had direction but no backbone. About a month into my treatments I noticed a change in my attitude. I then started connecting with old friends and six weeks into my treatments I quit smoking. I recently looked at my passport picture which was taken not five months ago, and I was amazed at the difference in how I held my head. My enthusiasm towards life is on the increase. I realize that in the past I’d been given a lot of self help tools but had not put them to full use. All this has changed. While searching for the moment I’m looking forward rather than backwards, and the challenges that lie ahead don’t look so intimidating. I’m grateful that my path, and a wrong number (karma), led me to Dr. Cindy and NSA.”

- D.G.F.

“I think that this is all so fascinating! I’ve used Chiropractic for many years and I still got frequent burning between my shoulder blades. Now it’s hardly there anymore. I can really tell that when we re-visit a part of my spine that has been worked with before, that it’s on a whole new level. I feel that my range of motion is becoming so much more free. I really feel the progress!”

- T.S.

“I feel that Dr. Cindy’s work really grounds me, and helps me be more resilient in life. Also, the quality as well as the quantity of my energy is much improved over this time last year.” 

- V.R.

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