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I realize that there are very few places in our world where a person can get what we offer here in Tucson AZ, AND that it is needed more than ever before. People need to be seen; they need someone to be present with them. They need to be told there is nothing wrong with them and that they are doing great given their circumstances and resources. They need to be shown how to find their own resources and to be given more resources to handle circumstances better. And better. And better. They need to feel strong and empowered to make more of their choices and decisions based on love. They need to be encouraged to follow their own path. They need to be shown what healing looks and feels like in their body. They need to know how to trust the wisdom of their body. They need to be encouraged to trust that their innate intelligence is always working on their behalf to improve their health and lives- and feel it. They need a wellness guide to usher them through transformation into an expanded consciousness where love, gratitude, connection, belonging, and community grow and carry them through life with ease and grace. These are my wishes for you, and I endeavor to bring these principles and experiences into the entrainment room for you every day.

I believe I am working directly with a person’s life force. When practice members feel their inner healer come alive, it can be a profound experience. These shared moments often move me to tears and are the times when I know unequivocally how blessed I am to have our practice members in my office and life. Thank you for entrusting me to work directly with your innate life force. I take it seriously and with the greatest reverence.

Your Energy in Tucson AZ

Those around us are affected by our energy and state of consciousness much more than we might think and an energy rich state is much more powerful than an energy poor state. Network Spinal is designed to help people become more self-organizing physically and energetically and what we see from this, is the intelligence of the body striving for growth and evolution. By doing our personal work we are called to becoming more conscious, authentic, appreciative, grateful, generous, compassionate, and happy. Our energetic fields merge with those around us and synergistically become stronger. This inevitably uplifts and encourages others to do the same.

“You never know how far reaching something you may say, do, or think will affect the lives of millions tomorrow.”

~ BJ Palmer, Developer or Chiropractic

In Joy n Wellness,

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