The Story of my (former) resistance to SRI

Tucson Chiropractor: The Story of my (former) resistance to SRI

Chiropractic Tucson AZ The 12 Stages of Healing book

Somato-Respiratory-Integration (SRI) is based on the exercises for each chapter of The 12 Stages of Healing book written by Dr. Donald Epstein, the same person who developed Network Chiropractic and Network Spinal. I first read that book in 1996. It took me 4 years to get all the way through it because when I would get to a chapter/stage with which I couldn't identify, I would put it down, mad that it didn't make sense.

Back then I berated myself for not being able to finish an important reading for my work, but now I look back and laugh because I see that it was showing me which stage I was stuck in, and of course also bringing up my tendency to judge what I don't understand.

How I became a Tucson chiropractor

I have only told this story to a few people: In 2004 I closed my practice in Albuquerque, NM because it wasn't sustainable and I was burnt out. As I was going through the motions, I was having severe panic attacks due to feelings of profound loss of my dream, my career, and my "life" in Albuquerque. Every time I got a network adjustment (we also now use the word entrainment), the panic would ramp up instead of dissipating.

All of my colleagues would tell me to get more entrainments and do SRI on myself. I went to a Network weekend retreat to get worked on all weekend, and the panic attacks just got worse and worse during the sessions and I could not stop them. I heard that "Donny" was giving his first SRI seminar in Sedona and so, being desperate, I drove out so that I could get some help from Donny, even though I was not very interested in SRI.

Everyone who worked on me was at a loss of what to do including Donny's right-hand practitioner from Switzerland. She called over Donny, and within one or two breaths with his direction (I really think it might have been one), he helped me to find the "SRI moment" where breath and movement were perfectly synchronized and in synergy, and the limbic system loop was broken. The energy dissipated.

I was free and never had another panic attack throughout the heartbreaking process of dismantling my practice.

Since then, SRI has been evolved and improved by Dr. Epstein and it has been taught in many countries around the world and helped thousands and thousands of people.

Now I am going to fast forward to last week when Shelia Truman was giving me a zoom SRI session. As you can imagine, memories of that time have been triggered by having to suddenly close my practice here in Tucson (no panic attacks this time J). We did Stage 1-4 (Suffering-Empowerment), and Stage 9 (Light/gratitude).

It helped me move more effortlessly through my days of feeling powerless, mad about the situation, frustration with passwords, knowing what choices to make, and seeing some of the gifts in this situation. I was able to keep myself moving forward one step at a time instead of being frozen in fear, which is where I felt myself starting to go. The next day I even had a huge inspiration for how I can be useful during these times while I was out hiking.

SRI is a potent tool to help us move through all of the necessary, but sometimes sticky stages as we are dealing with life. It is not a necessity or a have to. It's just a tool that can be very useful in learning how to get the gifts out of each situation in life, especially the ones that are more difficult for us to access.

One way to think of it is that all of our experiences are trying to give us gifts, the negative ones as well as the positive ones. If we can learn to be present with the energy of each stage, the gift it is trying to bestow on us will be easier and more robust, making it more effortless to move onto the next gift or life experience that is calling us. Developing the skill to be more fluid in our lives is invaluable and can keep us moving forward.

Dr. Epstein says that there are three kinds of pain: 1. The pain of trying to stay alive 2. The pain of not making enough progress, and 3. The pain of not contributing our gifts to the world.

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